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Original Mark Mender Aluminum Divot Repair Tool
Golf Divot Repair Tool – The Original Mender™

Golf Divot Repair Tool – The Original Mender™


Buy 4 Or More And Get 25% Off Per Unit


Mark Mender Product Comparison


The Original Mender™

original mark mender divot tool

Zinc Mark Mender™

zinc mark mender divot tool

Weight 1 oz 2.5 oz
Finish Black Matte Stainless Zinc
Strength Strong Stronger
Impressibility Unique & Original Straight-up Boss
Feel Lightweight Slightly Heavier
Individual Cost? $5.99 $14.99
Custom Orders? No Yes
Discount? Buy 4 Get 25% Off Buy 4 Get 20% Off

A Trusted Divot Repair Tool & Cigar Holder

The Original Mark Mender™ divot repair tool is the one that started it all and made us famous. It's a little shorter than the aluminum or zinc divot repair tools and weighs just under 1 ounce. So if you have small hands or want an inexpensive and lightweight alternative to the Zinc Mark Mender (a heavier divot repair cigar holder,) then is the option for you. It's made from an extremely strong space-age polymer. Just like every single divot tool we make, this divot repair tool designed to last and withstand everyday use.

You Can’t Go Wrong With This Divot Repair Tool

Meticulously engineered to mitigate improper divot repair and prolonged damage to the greens, the Mark Mender is a premier divot repair tool that’s designed to make fixing ball marks easy, effective, and gratifying.  You see, the natural tendency when using most conventional or plastic divot repair tools is pull up on the sides of the divot. The Mark Mender is a four-prong divot repair tool that use a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism, enabling golfers to repair their divots with care and satisfaction. In essence, this golf divot repair tool helps retain the quality of the golf green while adding to the experience of a great approach shot.

Golf Cigar Holder Meets Divot Repair Tool

The Mark Mender is more than just a golf divot repair tool. It also doubles as a golf cigar holder, serving as a trusted caddie for your cheroot. Sure, you could opt for a run-of-the-mill golf cart cigar holder. Or you could take your stogie with you and rest your havana on the Mark Mender while you putt. That is, after you’ve flawlessly repaired your divot, of course. If you’re searching for the ultimate divot repair tool and cigar holder (one that makes you look like a boss while out on the course,) then there’s no question that the Mark Mender is for you. Truly enjoy your stogie while taking ownership of your gnarly divots. This is one golf divot repair tool you can’t go wrong with.

Multi-Purpose Divot Repair Tool With Ball Marker

As if this divot repair tool couldn’t get any better, the Mark Mender comes complete without a magnetic ball marker. Take advantage of having your ball marker personalized or branded to your business. The Mark Mender is custom divot repair tool that may or may not shave strokes off your handicap. But will most certainly up your golf course etiquette while helping you keep it real with your greenskeeper. Ranging from its impressive versatility to its ingenious functionality, the Mark Mender goes beyond the standard ball mark repair tool. This multi-purpose divot repair tool meets golf cigar holder is a must-have in any golfer’s pocket.


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