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Golf Ball Markers

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Magnetic Golf Ball Marker: Complete Your Mark Mender

This magnetic golf ball marker hat clip makes your Mark Mender complete. It’s the perfect alternative to using the Mark Mender divot repair tool to carry your ball marker. With this hat clip, you can affix your trusted ball mark to your golf cap with grace, like a pro. You’ll probably sink more putts, too. Maybe.

And unlike your standard divot repair tool with a mediocre magnet, the ball marker on Mark Mender won’t get lost in your pocket. You can also take advantage of having your ball marker personalized or branded to your business. With the Mark Mender, you can make a custom divot tool with your logo or design. They aren’t going shave strokes off your game. But they will most certainly help improve your golf course etiquette while helping you keep it real with your greenskeeper.

As if this divot tool and cigar holder couldn’t get any better, the Mark Mender wouldn’t be complete without a magnetic ball marker hat clip. From its impressive versatility to its ingenious functionality, the Mark Mender goes beyond other golf divot tools. It’s one of the few multi-purpose divot tool ball markers that’s a must-have in any golfer’s bag.