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Divot Repair Tools

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World Class Among Golf Divot Repair Tools

golf ball divot repair toolsWhen it comes to golf divot repair tools, there’s a reason why the Mark Mender takes the cake. It’s a divot repair tool that’s uniquely designed to minimize damage to the greens by fixing ball marks the correct way. And while doubling as a golf cigar holder and ball marker, it’s the icing on the cake after an incredible approach shot. Experience what gives the Mark Mender its reputation as one of the best divot repair tools in the sport.

Why The Mark Mender Among Divot Repair Tools?

The Mark Mender is recognized as golf’s most dependable divot repair tools. It’s specially designed to make repairing divots easy, effective, and gratifying.  You see, the natural tendency when using most conventional or plastic divot repair tools is to pull up on the greens. With all good intentions aside, this lifting motion can actually do more harm than good, requiring weeks for the green to recover. The Mark Mender is a four-prong divot repair tool that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism, enabling golfers to repair their ball marks in a mindful manner.

A Divot Tool Doubling As Your Cigar Holder

divot repair toolsThe Mark Mender goes beyond most golf ball divot repair tools. It also serves as a cigar holder, acting as a trusted caddie for your stogie. Sure, you could buy one of those golf cart cigar holders. Or you could take your cheroot with you, resting your havana on the Mark Mender while you putt. That is, after you’ve flawlessly fixed your ball mark. If you’re looking for premium divot repair tool and cigar holder (one that makes you look like a boss while out on the course,) then there’s no question that the Mark Mender is for you. Truly enjoy your cigar  while taking ownership of your impressive ball marks. This is one divot tool cigar holder you can’t go wrong with.

Divot Repair Tool Meets Ball Marker

golf divot repair toolsAs if this divot repair tool meets golf cigar holder couldn’t get any better, the Mark Mender wouldn’t be complete without a magnetic ball marker. Unlike your standard divot repair tool with less-than-marginal magnets, the ball marker on Mark Mender won’t get lost in your pocket. You can also take advantage of having your ball marker personalized or branded to your business as unique golf promotional items. The Mark Mender offers customizable golf divot repair tools that probably won’t shave strokes off your handicap. But it will most definitely up your etiquette game while helping you keep it real with your greenskeeper. Ranging from its impressive versatility to its ingenious functionality, the Mark Mender goes beyond other golf divot repair tools. It’s one of the few multi-purpose divot repair tools (and cigar holders) that’s a must-have in any golfer’s bag.

Personalized & Custom Divot Repair Tools

With personalized and custom-branded Mark Menders, you can get customizable divot repair tools for many different purposes, occasions, and applications. Whether you’re looking for a creative promotional tool to help brand your business or especially unique golf gifts for groomsmen, recruiting gifts, or golf tournament gifts; customizing the Mark Mender offers a creative means to suit a wide range of needs. And with a low minimum order on custom divot tool packages, you may find the Mark Mender to be your trusted go-to for more than just one order.

custom divot repair tools

Got a big idea in mind? We also offer wholesale pricing on bulk divot tool orders. Don’t settle standard divot repair tools that wreak havoc on the greens. Start showing some respect for the course (and your greenskeeper) with the Mark Mender.