Mark Mender divot tool: ball mark repair tool, magnetic ball marker, cigar holder, and grip rest - MarkMender
Save Time Save the Green with the World's Greatest Ball Mark Repair Tool. Proper ball mark repair in half the time.
Not only does the Mark Mender eliminate ugly ball marks faster than other pocket-sized tools, but it repairs them better as well. With a single squeeze, the prongs surround the ball mark and pull the turf together. It’s magical. There’s nothing like it.

Each divot tool is built to last, made from either a strong space-age polymer, or a high tech aluminum or zinc alloy. But you will need to buy more, as Mark Mender is so cool, your friends will easily forget to give yours back to you.

See the future of ball mark repair, the newest cool golf toy, the Mark Mender.

1 Tool
4 Tools

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You get four Mark Mender golf tools for only $19.99 (plus S&H). One of our aluminum tools and 3 of the original plastic tools. Why such a good deal? We want your entire foursome to have one.
Price: $19.99 

Save Time; Save the Greens
Repair ball marks in half the time with the Mark Mender™ golf tool. Other divot tools have only one set of prongs while the Mark Mender™ has 2; thus, it does twice the work in less time. Not only is it faster, it does it CORRECTLY with the prongs grabbing the grass vertically which helps the green to heal quickly. Other divot tools can easily be misused to lift and tear the roots causing even more damage.

4-in-1 Golf Tool
Each of our Mark Mender™ divot tools includes a MAGNETIC BALL MARKER and can also be used as a CIGAR HOLDER or a GRIP REST, to keep grips dry.

Rugged Design with Color Options
You can choose to purchase your Mark Mender™ divot tool made from a space-age polymer, a high tech aluminum alloy or a zinc alloy. Rest assured that all of our Mark Mender™ products are designed to last and withstand everyday use. Each Aluminum and Zinc Mark Mender™ tool comes with your choice of silver, dark blue or pink accents.

Customize Them
The Mark Mender™ can also be customized for your next golf event, as a company gift or for your favorite organization. Contact us for pricing.

Our Guarantee
If for any reason you wish to return* your Mark Mender™ golf tool just send it back and we will gladly refund the full cost of your product purchase (including shipping). Further, in the very unlikely event that your Mark Mender™ tool should break*, just return it to us and we will replace it free with two tools of the same material.

* Returns for credit card refund will be honored if they are requested within the first 90 days after purchase. Replacement for broken tools will be honored within one year of purchase and for tools broken during normal use.


Price: $14.99 

This high quality magnetic hat clip comes with a one inch ball marker and sports a super strong rare earth magnet. Clip it right to the bill of you golf cap for easy access and you're ready to mark your ball every time you reach the green.
Price: $4.99